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Question Regarding Enchanting

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I don't know for certain, but have you already gone to the stronghold? I suspect you haven't triggered something yet. i've not been there yet myself so i'm guessing.
EDIT: from the guide,
"To enhance a weapon, you must have the
appropriate ingredients in your inventory.
These materials may be bought, gathered, looted,
or salvaged. During the process, the ingredients
are typically used up, but sometimes they are
reusable. For recipes like enchantments, the
main ingredient is not used up, but is instead
improved by the addition of a new bonus.
All enchanting is done using three ingredients:
a creature part, a plant/herb, and a gem. The counts of each ingredient may vary, but there are always three ingredients. Additionally, there may be a copper cost that’s subtracted directly from your total wealth. Each enhancement has an associated “cost” value. This is used in the crafting system and when calculating the value of an item in copper pieces (cp). Cost values on mods are added together to derive the cp total and the value does not scale linearly.Enchanting a weapon can provide a bonus in quality, secondary damage, and slaying capabilities. Each of these has it own advantages and, when combined, it can transform an already good weapon into something quite awesome. Note that a weapon has a limit on mods and can have no more than 1 quality mod, 3 additional mods, and 12 total points of mods."

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