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  1. I rather enjoy it to be fair. Tells me a bit about the people who kickstarted the project! ^_^
  2. Please? can anybody help? I have no idea what the problem is....
  3. Hey! So I'm trying to enchant something and it says that I have all the required ingredients....yet alas I "don't have the requirements". Here's a screenshot: http://puu.sh/gTRZU/dda7669771.jpg Could some kind person please be able to tell me what I'm misssinggg? :<
  4. I think you hit it spot on. Sure it isn't canon DND....but I didn't want that anyway tbh. Developers have their own ideas of how to implement things and that's fine - so long as they do it will. And I believe that obsidian did a fantastic job with implementing their system. I can finally have the wizard that wields a sword instead of a damn staff (as in every other rpg). I LOVE THAT! I can't tell you how long I've wanted a wizard to be able to wield a sword rather than a wand or staff. It's a relief and thank you Obsidian. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still learning the differences between
  5. Yep, having the same issues. Was plundering the keep fine with a 2nd tune and then all the sudden I can't take any portal to load a new zone without the game screen going black and crashing. Hope we get a fix! Love this game!!!!!!!!!!
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