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No Voices after Remove/Add to party



I am playing with 5 custom adventurers in my party. I removed all 5 of them and then re-added them right away to fix the double-click inventory bug. However, now my characters have no voices, only my main character (the watcher) has voice over. I tried both at the Inn at Gilded Vale as well as the Stronghold, same issue.


To be 100% specific, if I click on someone and tell them to move somewhere, there is no audio unless its the main character.

I realize that you guys have limited resources, but I really wish I could change my portrait and sound set at any time just like in the IE games... it would provide a work around. Even if it was a console command, it would be nice to have. I guess I will recreate my party and use cheats to level them up.

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Having this exact problem. In fact when you create one and they start outside of the party and you add them they also don't have a voice. 


Thank you! I've been looking for hours and hadn't seen anyone else reporting this problem. I was trying to create a custom adventurer while I had a full party, so I thought it the problem was that custom adventures had no voices at all.


For now I'll work around this, leaving my custom adventurer in my party, but I really hope this gets fixed soon.


Wonder if a savegame editor could do it? It was helpful for several similar bugs when Wasteland 2 came out and both a Unity engine games.

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I am having the same issue. I hired a lvl 2 priest in act 1 in gilded vale and the voice set on her has been working fine for the entire game. However any following adventure's I hire after that point remain silent. I first found this glitch out in act 2. I made several characters at the salty mast who where all silent (by silent i mean when you click on their character or icon they do not speak "yeah" "here" etc.).  I experimented with adjusting class/ race/ gender/ voice set/ level/ inn they where hired at/ different save files, and the only thing that worked was loading my oldest save file and characters hired at that point in the game would speak. After experimenting a bit more, I found that if switch out my created priest for another npc it will disable his/her voice set. So to make a long story short, once you switch out a hired party member they loose their voice. Sucks... but other than this small gripe I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! Obsidian you guys knocked it out of the park on this one, thank you so much for making Pillars! This is the game I have been wanting/waiting Years for! Thank you Thank you Thank you 

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