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  1. Having this exact problem. In fact when you create one and they start outside of the party and you add them they also don't have a voice.
  2. I played Dungeon Siege years ago and I vaguely remember the game being a party-rpg typical of the era, i'm hoping this game will end up being like an Icewind Dale type game. I always enjoyed Icewind Dale, the strategy involved in the game, creating a party to my liking. There hasn't been a game like that in quite some time, Dragon Age is close but Bioware is more focused on making a cinematic "movie game" than the type of game that Baldurs Gate or Icewind Dale was. Give me a old-school top down RPG dungeon crawl. That is what I want to see from this game. Complex character development, and a h
  3. You get her on the hutt planet i believe. The wookie approached me and asked me to help him, i assume if your light she does that.
  4. Anyone know how to get Mira? Also is it possible to get her if you are playing as dark side?
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