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That's hardly a story ruiner. That's a cool piece of reactivity that means that playing as a godlike has consequences. After all there are many other ways to complete that quest.

So if you want to play the story to the fullest, don't be Godlike. Thus story ruiner if you are one.

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I dunno. Did you think that playing as a character with massive horns or protruding bits or whose head is on fire, like literally burning constantly, like you're a human torch dude wow, would allow you to choose the option to disguise yourself with a cloth hood? You're a distrusted and feared racial minority. Of course that's going to come with consequences. Sometimes that's going to come in handy (ie fire godlike can set stuff on fire without having to use up a torch) and sometimes it's going to make things harder. That's the joy of role playing and making choices - it means that some paths are going to close down and others will open up and as a result you'll have different experiences to other players.

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Actually, there isnt as much consequences as you think. You can't put it on yourself, but if you go to the door theres a dialogue option that lets you put it on. It mentions how it looks weird and stuff, but you can still get it on.


Although it really isn't a "story ruiner" since you can go in without the hood and fight

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