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  1. What led you to believe that the crucible knights would accept in their ranks a "neutral mercenary"? They're basically the most paladinesque of the paladins.
  2. Backstab is a viable option, it certainly help when you get the enemy blinded or crippled. I'm slowly trying to unlearn what a rogue usually is in a D&D game and to learn what it is in PoE. You get critical hits against crippled enemies, not when you get out of the shadows. And as Heijoushin says, Vanish is not an offensive action, but a defensive one.
  3. I usually don't like playing Druids in most RPG. Should I ask Obsidian to put an option to leave them out of the game. Or should I, I don't know, just choose another classe to play. Seriously, if "immershun"-breaking tombstones bother you, just don't click on them. There's the option you were looking for.
  4. I had faith in you, Obsidian. And you didn't disappoint. Thank you. For the few hours I've already spent on the game and for the many more to come. I already see my self playing this 4 or 5 times. Good luck for whatever new adventures you've got ahead.
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