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Console command for fully exploring map?

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This was one of my biggest issues with all the IE games as well. They draw these beautiful environments, then cover them all with an ugly black shroud which you have to remove by manually moving your character around. And inevitably there are places your character can't get to, which means there are annoying black spots that never go away.


Ideally I'd just like them to stop making you "explore" the map like this. Maybe have a system where the map is divided into sections, and each of them gets revealed completely the moment you step into it. I mean, some very talented artists put time and effort into drawing that corner of the map, and it just seems like a waste for the game to prevent me from seeing for no real reason.


This bothers me enough that I'm willing to "cheat" to fix it. Is there a console command for fully exploring the map?

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Thanks for the replies guys. I don't really care about the achievements (doubt I'll start doing "achievement runs" before beating the game proper at least a few times). And I don't plan on doing this on maps unless I've cleared them first, so hopefully I won't be spoiling any secrets of myself. But if it turns out that the final boss of the game was hiding the whole time in that tiny 1 sq. meter unexplored area in the southwest corner of Valewood, boy will there be egg on my face.

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In BG, you could use spells to do it, if you didn't want to cheat (Clairvoyance outdoor, revealed all map and Farsight for a specific area).


I'm not high level enough so that I have access to all spells but maybe it's possible this way?


Sorry, there are no such spells in this game. I don't think there are any non-combat utility spells of any kind to be honest


Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on the second part

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The maps are beautiful, and the FoW clutter was always irritating after you'd cleared a screen. Hell, I'd even made a mod back in the day called, "Clear Fog of War" just to make it easier on re-runs. Although then and now I play through an are first before clearing on the virgin run.

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