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Game crash on map change



Hello everyone,


I'm a couple of hours into the game and really enjoying it so far! However, unfortunately I've encountered a bug that keeps me from playing any further. On the rooftop of Lord Readric's fortress, there's a small room with two locked chests. In the "load game" dialog, it's called something like "Readrics Altar" (translating from the german version here). When I try to leave the room through the door I came (which is the only one in this room), the game loads the next map, but the screen stays black. I can move around the cursor, but as soon as I click anywhere, Windows tells me that the application doesn't respond anymore and throws me back to the desktop. I never had any technical issues with this game so far.


If it is of any help, these are my system specs:


OS: Windows 8.1, 64 bit

CPU: i5 2500k


Graphics: Radeon R9 290


Game version: Steam



Is there any fix to this? I made an extra save game before entering the keep (thank goodness), but I would still lose my progress in the keep itself...



Thank you,




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The crashes on Raedric's Hold are documented (several posts about this on the forums) and we've already got a fix coming in the next patch.


However, some users have reported that a background program (Rivatuner Statistics Server) can be a cause of crashes when transitioning (prone to hit in the RH areas). Please, take a look in your systems to ensure that the Rivatuner program isn't running when you play PoE.


Until the patch arrives (really soon, actually), I hope that info helps you in the meantime.



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