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Raedric Keep - game gets stuck





I am doing quest on Raedric keep and I went to the top of the main building on the rooftop (it is not marked by number in your Strategy guide, but there are two catapults or somehting like that).

And when I am trying to get back into building the screen goes black, music plays, I can move the mouse, but I can not quit the game or minimize. I have to hard reset my MAC.


Savegame (quicksave): 



HW info:


iMac 27", late 2013, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 MB, OSX Maverics


Thank you

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Thank you, sorry I didnt see that post before I posted my issue. 


Maybe this can be closed and continue only in that original thread about Raedric keep crashing.


And small update from my side, I tried to turn off antialiasing as mentioned in pinned post, also deleted game content on steam and re-downloaded but no help.

So I am stuck on the roof. Last save before that was long long time ago.. (my stupidity)

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