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Hey there,


Does anyone have experience with Chanter builds that are not tanky but more DPS oriented? If I were to build one, how should I arrange my stats? What type of weapons should I go for? What about chant choices?


Or should I just forget about the whole thing and go the cookie-cutter tank route?


Any kind of input is much appreciated!

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I tried to make a DPS Chanter and it's working pretty good so far on Hard mode.


It's a Hearth Orlan, mainly because of their racial, where a normal hit can turn into a crit if you attack the same target as an ally. Maxed Might and Int, dropped his Perception as low as I could and put it into Dex for the faster action. He is using a Spear so he can stay behind the Fighter, but still provide support with his Chants.


You could pick Dwarf and get up to 21 Might at the cost of Dex I guess. The reason why I didn't pick Dwarf is because I can't have my main character as one, I just can't. Thinking about it tho, maybe Orlan isn't the best choice for a DPS Chanter, but hey.


Sure he doesn't have the splash as a Barb or the expertise of a Fighter, but he is a buffbot/caster afterall. I like it, even tho it's not min/maxed I guess, haven't played enough for that sort of thing.




18 Might

10 Con

17 Dex

5 Per

18 Int

10 Res


If anybody have a better build/suggestion I am open for criticism. I am not a pro builder or anything like that and still new to the PoE system.


I still think Tank Chanter is better to do, because their accuracy is only average, while their deflection is Very High.

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I've been trying to optimize a build for exactly this role, too.  What I've gone with most recently is:


14 Might

14 Con

8 Dex

10 Per

18 Int

14 Res


I also went Hearth Orlan as I love the smaller races in my role playing games and their racial ability is really great for this type of role. 


I've just started out so I'm not very far into the game so a lot of this is theory:


I plan on using reach weapons to be able to be a second line melee fighter.  I kept my con decently average since I thought this role would incur a decent amount of damage being that close to the front. 


Also, I didn't think dex was important at all to chanters as their chants aren't affected by faster actions (right?) and they don't have as many activated skills to use like ciphers or, well, a lot of other roles.  If I'm wrong, please let me know but I viewed dex as a good dump stat. 

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I think it will be very difficult to make an effective DPS/Offtank chanter. The reason I say this is that chanters are fundamentally not suited to tanking. They can tank, and they can do so really well, but due to their very low hp/end pool it is sort of an all in proposition. They need to go deep Resolve/Perception whereas a fighter can totally get away with subpar talents like Eder due to fighter endurance regen.


If you want an off tank/dps I'd say you need to run a Barb/Monk/Pali/Fighter. Let the chanter be full DPS or full tank.

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