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anyone have an idea if there are caps on effectiveness of certain skills? like does stealth increase in effectiveness all the way to rank 13?


in particular i am wondering about mechanics. what is the highest mechanics required disarm you have found? i am pretty low so i haven't seen anything past rank 5, but i need to plan ahead - it would suck to get to level 12 someday and find out i can never open certain containers since i didn't bring my mechanics high enough.

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Would be nice to know. At least here you have the possibility of saving all your lockpicks so if you're just one mechanics level low for a single lock, you're not completely stuck.


In Baldur's Gate 2, you could unlock the vast majority of locks at 100, but there were a few locks (and traps for that matter) that required more for whatever reason. How were you supposed to know, especially in a dual-classed build, how much you were supposed to take in lockpicking?

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yeah thief skills in BG2 were super confusing for me since i had no idea how high to take the skills. usually i like to max out a few skills but with invisible soft caps i have no idea what to do.

anyone have any idea on stealth cap? i would even max stealth at 13 points if there was a reason to. i love sneaking around on my rogue (Raedrics Keep was so fun).

also if anyone has seen any mechanics above level 9 please say. thanks.

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