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10 hours in and only two critiques

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Major critique:


Companion AI is really lackluster and it is worse than it was in IE games. Companions are effectively just empty husks. They know only two things: moving and auto-attack. Please add some sort of customizable conditions when they could use their per rest and per encounter talents/spells.


Minor critique:


XP gained from lock picking and disarming traps doesn't "feel" right. Wouldn't it be better if you could get only fixed amount of XP per lock/trap level? What I mean is you wouldn't get XP from picking level 1 lock for the tenth time, you know, like it is with combat. Types of enemies have fixed amount of XP to be gained from them, in another words, you get XP from learning how to defeat them. Once you have learned how, you're not getting any more XP from them. 


Other than these two complaints I'm really impressed by the game. Keep up the good work.


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It's worse than that, the script is harmful in some cases. If a melee target dies, melee chars leave their position to chase down another target, which can be disastrous with chokepoint setups, and I can't turn this off (unlike in the IE games, where you could select "no script". I can't believe I'm saying this :D). I really would like a "Hold Position" toggle or something. In fact, I'm putting in an RFE for it, now that I think about it...

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There is an option you can tick off in combat options that makes your characters not move in combat without your input.


I don't use it myself and still have no problems maintaing choke points.


I have one gripe about the game and it's not really a gripe. I have the game set to autopause when a characters endurance gets low but when I summon something with my chanter it pauses when the summon has low health too. That's annoying lol

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