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+Damage type talents question

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I also wonder about the damage type tallents like : scion of flame boost my spells and wild strike on my druid by 20% if they do burning?

Really hope so since i picked the tallent.. guess should taken electricity for the storm but had allready put wildstrike burn long time ago.

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Update: They do not work like the Burning/Corroding/etc Lash weapon enchantments you can find.  My Rogue with 0 native elemental damage gained no additional damage with any of these talents.  If they work, it's only with spells.


I just tried this again today and still didn't see any burn damage increase on fan of flames.  Anyone else have any insight into this?  I may have to go back and reroll because I don't want a wasted talent.

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Secrets of Rime works for me.


It took me ~3 dozen tests, but I finally got Winter Wind to exceed its maximum damage on a regular hit. Also the bonus is multiplicative with Might, not additive, so you get a little bonus damage. Winter Wind did 72 Freeze damage on a normal hit vs. a naked companion, with maximum base damage 50 and a 21% Might bonus. Maximum damage would be 61 per its tooltip if the talent were broken (1.21 * 50 = 60.5), 71 if damage were additive (1.21 + 1.2 = 1.41 * 50 = 70.5), and 73 if damage were multiplicative (1.21 * 1.2 = 1.45 * 50 = 72.5).

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