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Good class for balanced build? (balanced stats, not dps or tank focused)

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I just want to play a character that plays something like a Fighter/mage or fighter/cleric in the IE games, with decent survivability and damage plus some active abilities. I'd also like a balanced stat-line with every stat in the 10-16 range.


From everything I've seen most builds seem to favour really extreme stats and a very specific focus on either tanking or doing damage (aoe or single target) and very extreme stats to be the most effective and I kind of hate that kind of play so I'd really like some way to play near-optimaly without having to do that.


Ideally I'd want to play and never have to think in terms of 'tanks' 'dps' etc. ever again.


Originally I was thinking Chanter but they seem to only be 'balanced' in that they kind of suck at everything.

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not realy a fighter/mage or fighter/cleric, but im having a lot of fun with my ranger armed with a spear/med shield


mig 10

con 10

dex 14

per 18

int 12

res 14


dosnt putout huge dps but holds the line well, and the inturpt from the per is nice, but i mostly picked it for rp reasons, playing on normal, probebly wouldn't use this build on hard though

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Chanter doesn't suck if you use summons well. Phantom and WIl-O'-Wisp are great.


Granted, many encounters don't last very long - but the glory of summons is that you can send them out to pull another group as long as you've got one enemy keeping you in combat. Keeping chants and summons rolling can let you burn through multiple encounters quickly/efficiently.


I'd say get 15+ Might, 17+ Intellect on a Chanter and the rest you can play with all you like. Kana is a decent character due to this, it's a class that doesn't rely that much on ideal attributes. Mainly just high int for chant AoE and overlapping longer durations.

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