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I haven't gotten a gun yet so I am still figuring this out, but here is what I found so far. The faster attacks are good in some cases, especially if your character is a rogue I think (to capitalize on brief duration of stun, prone, etc for the sneak attack bonus). Overall, I think it is safer to just get the highest damage weapon you can find, but I would experiment and see if the long cooldowns are preventing you from using your abilities at the right time.

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Guns are slow. They can be fairly devastating in an opening volley, but you pretty much have to switch weapons after that's been fired.


Also I believe the punchiest slow ranged weapon right now is the arbalest. I'm finding a volley from an arquebus and a couple pistols plenty effective though.


I have PC, Durance, and Edér rocking firearms, Kana Rua a crossbow, and Sagani her hunting bow. The first three always switch to melee after the opening volley, Sagani sticks to the bow unless forced into melee, and Kana Rua does either-or. The opening volley can make a big difference but this game would not be easy with a party of archers. Mobs all over. 

I have a project. It's a tabletop RPG. It's free. It's a work in progress. Find it here: www.brikoleur.com

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Without any talents skewing things, I'm finding the arbalests I found early far outshine any guns I've picked up.  That was kind of a disappoint- the arquebus, when I finally got one, felt like a downgrade.

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Arquebus has made Pallegina not terrible for me so that's been nice. I've got a Blunderbuss Cipher hired adventurer too.


Generally I choose guns for all characters with good enough weapon accuracy, and crossbows for the rest. I even gave Aloth a crossbow despite his blast talent, because his might is too low to deal significant damage on anything with DR with a Wand anyway.


Perhaps I should be trying Arbalest for Pallegina though, I just happened to come across a Fine Arquebus and haven't swapped.

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