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Ciphers get nearly infinite Focus when using a Blunderbuss

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Blunderbuss shoots 6-8 projectiles in a single attack, after combine with Cipher talent Draining Whip, every projectile will generate 2 focus, if it gets critical hit then it will generate even more Focus, my Cipher can get 10-40 focus in a single shoot, is it intended or a bug?

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Multiple instances of damage = Multiple instances of Soul Whip I'd imagine. I use an Arquebus on my Cipher. Super fast way to get Focus, if you can manage hitting anything anyway.

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This has been around forever so guess they didn't really have a problem with it. 

Good! I was trying weapons by using console command, if they won't fix it then blunderbuss would be my chosen weapon, my character gets 10-40 focus at level 1, who knows how much will he gets in higher level xD

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