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Grats Obsidian on the PoE realease, i will buy it if...


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...you start working finally on NWN3 :p

If cash is an issue then just fire up another Kickstarter, you will get an guaranteened 100%+ fund for it.


I personaly would spend 100€ on such an Kickstarter-Page (usualy i only spend about 30€ on Kickstarter).

Now if it's again just Neverwinter Nights or more (D&D has so much to offer) is up to you.


Why i did not buy PoE so far?

Well it has no Toolset and no Multiplayer, so it doesn't interest me, but i will buy it just to support Obsidian if they start an official NWN3 Kickstarter-Campaing.


Both NWN1 and NWN2 are still great games, it is seriously a no brainer to bring NWN to the next level.


Yes i know there is Sword Coast Legends soon, but it is more like an Action RPG and falls short in the D&D detail.

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Why Obsidian should pay for newerwinter and/or d&d brand? Surely you do not pay THAT much money. Obsidian makes a good games and it shouldn't pay for the lore of other company to make that lore more worthwhile. If you like neverwinter and d&d, you can play a corresponding mmorpg, it is free. For me, you can place d&d mechanics to trash just from the beginning, if newerwinter, baldurs gate and so on were made on mechanics like in pillars, or even s.p.e.c.i.a.l. like in fallout, they wouldn't be worse.

Furthermore, d&d would restrict lore of the game and combat mechanics. D&D maybe a good mechanic for people with throwing cubes, without the restrictions of cubes (there are no cubes with numbers from 1 to 100) and with quick complex calculations possible with computer, there is no good enough reasons not to implement own, not d&d mechanic.

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He doesn't want the lore...


He was a toolset lite "Aurora", something that allows users to create user-made persistent worlds with more than 60 players, with Dungeon Masters and a lot of customization.


So far, the last game that brought something like that (Something really like that, and if you haven't played on persistent rol playing servers on NWN1 and 2 you don't even know what I'm talking about :p ) was NWN2.


At least, with NWN3, that's what I'm asking for. About the rules..? Well, D&D rules are not bad. Pathfinder rules coud work also. Original rules coud work too. But the key is on the toolset and allowing players to run their own worlds, made by them.

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A NWN type game does not play to Obsidian's strengths. Such a thing with an editor needs to be ruthlessly bug-free, resource efficient, and multiplayer. These three things are actually Obsidian's weakest points. Obsidian is a better story teller, NPC creator, and putting a spin on otherwise worn-out tropes. Games like PoE is exactly where they need to keep their focus.

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I guess you won't be buying it then. 


Developers can't just decide to make games bases on an existing license, they have to get permission (read: "pay a lot of money") from the holder. If the license holder doesn't want a game made, or doesn't want a particular developer to make it, then that developer doesn't get to make it.

"Art and song are creations but so are weapons and lies"

"Our worst enemies are inventions of the mind. Pleasure. Fear. When we see them for what they are, we become unstoppable."

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