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Game not zooming in all the way



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Well, the new patch (1.03) broke my zoom now.  Uninstalled and reinstalled without the new patch.  I play at 2560x1440, so being able to zoom in is way too important for me.  I'd rather have a little pixelation but a more intimate atmosphere, than barely be able to see the action at all.  Gross.

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See here:




My game is not zooming in all the way. It looks like the zoom level stops at around backer beta level and stays there.


I'm playing the GoG version.

Did you uninstall the backer beta?  When I first installed the released game, I had the same problem that you had, but after I uninstalled the backer beta, I was able to zoom way the hell in like I wanted to.  Now, however, the new patch has completely goofed the zoom system up terribly.

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