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Annoying font size differences

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Am I the only one annoyed by the difference in font sizes in the game? I've played just a few hours for now, but I couldn't get used to it. The dialogue font size is too big for me (maybe even going against the elegant look of the game?), but when I turn the font size down in the options by 70% (maximum), the character sheet/combat log/tutorial tip font sizes become too small, almost unreadable. Which is a shame because dialogues and in-game speaking texts get the ideal size for me.


An easy suggestion would be to include only dialogue font sizes in the options bar, since it's the one people most want to customize, I guess. While other in game texts remain in a single font size, or have a separate bar in the options menu.


What do you guys think?


My resolution is 1366 x 768 

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I thought about it as well, they probably made all fonts a certain percentage of each other, maybe in future patch they can seperate them so it'll be possible to change different font sizes for different UI.


To be honest I really like the big font in the conversation UI, unlike other games that its so damn hard to read!

I even used a mod to make Planescape:Torment font bigger because otherwise I couldn't handle it :D


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Lore fonts are okay. Story narrator fonts could be bigger. Character generator fonts are too small, they should be scaleable and respond to font scaling 130% in options.  All the CharGen text containing windows should be full screen height, not the current botched "design".

Replay  and  Done  as well Sex, Race, Culture texts are way too small==> should be 2x size at least. The  Male and its description window should be 2x bigger. Who designed this????!    I would force him / her to slave weeks at the workplace to enlarge these miniature windows..

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Yeah, now that I played a little bit more, I think my problem is not just with the dialogue font size, but with the difference in font sizes overall. It's not cohesive and it gets me unconfortable. Also, I notice an overlapping text in the upper left corner of the screen during a new quest update right in the beginning.


Those small things don't interfere much on gameplay, but transmits the idea of an unpolished game =s. 

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