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I must tell you what is a game breaker.

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Actually, the german translation is pretty good in the written dialogues. It's everything else that is poorly, poorly translated.



Worst offenders: Item and talent descriptions, item names (sometimes, there's something totally unrelated displayed instead of the item name) and combat text.


I don't know how it is in the french localization, but it seems that it has different issues.



The problem with this is: I can live with some bad translated dialogues; but everything that is related to frequently used game mechanics should have proper translation. This is not the case.

Actually, I don't think the German localization is "good" anywhere. Even the dialogs offer lots of badly written German, with an abundance of grammar, spelling and style problems. Actually the German text has the level of somebody with no writing experience whatsoever. It's the work of amateurs. Hopefully it was as cheap as it looks.

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