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Indeed...by far the best KS-funded game yet!! Original Sin was ok but they botched pretty much every stretch goal and some backer rewards fell through, Wasteland 2 was good but backers were given a version of the game stripped of even the most basic bonuses of the regular retail edition....like wallpaper you could find via a google search...a version of the game that was never even sold at retail. Getting that fixed was an absolute nightmare after realizing that buying the Digital Deluxe upgrade still left you missing half the bonuses of the actual Digital Deluxe version of the game. Double Fine botched their funding and delivered half a game that might have been it if it hadn't earned enough at retail to produce the second half. Shadowrun had a huge DRM surprise mess going for a while when backers were told the expansion would be Steam-only so if you wanted DRM-free or GOG version you could just get lost....it was later rectified but still, huge mess.


PoE is the very first game to come out of KS that has everything on point....every stretch goal and backer reward and mega dungeon and so on.....they literally did not mess a single thing up and the game is beyond insanely amazing.

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I'll just post, what I wrote earlier this day! :)


To all the great people working at Obsidian, that have put so much effort into this project:




I just wanted to tell you, that I have waited so long for a game like this and that I am so very happy, that I finally can play it!


I have to admit, that I haven't gone far in the game by now, but nevertheless you can feel at every corner how much effort (in germany you would say "how much heartblood", but I fail to find a good translation) you have put into the game! And I appreciate this very much!


I think you really can be proud of yourselves!




Btw.: If anyone would be doing, I don't know, like a kickstarter project to gather some money for a big cake that says "THANK YOU OBSIDIAN" or something, I would be happy to kick in a few bucks!

(I know that maybe I should do this since I proposed it, but 1. I have no experience with kickstarter projects, in fact I backed via paypal - 2. I do not live in the US, which would make this much more easy, I suppose - 3. I have not very much time right now to do something like this - 4. I back away from the responsibility ;) )


Or maybe someone has an even better idea?!



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English is not my first language, so please forgive me any mistakes!

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As an "oldtimer" and fierce lover of the infinity games I can only shout Thank You Obs :)

Thanks for the courage to do a game like this in an enviroment where for the big majority GFX equals good game.

Where games are short and full of action.

Thank you for bringing back the feeling of : "damned why is the sun rising again?"

For a world in which I can dive deeply and forget that there is a world outside :)

Thank you sincerely


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