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  1. As an "oldtimer" and fierce lover of the infinity games I can only shout Thank You Obs Thanks for the courage to do a game like this in an enviroment where for the big majority GFX equals good game. Where games are short and full of action. Thank you for bringing back the feeling of : "damned why is the sun rising again?" For a world in which I can dive deeply and forget that there is a world outside Thank you sincerely Welfur
  2. I give it a few more hours playtime so I can write a review with some substance, it's way to early to give meaningful feedback. I don't like being a fanboy so I have to play lot's more but my first experience is great
  3. It's unpacking (on Steam) cu guys after my first playsession. Hopefully we all have lot's and lot's of fun. or better I'am sure we will have
  4. PC Games (Germany) 91% thats an awesome review for a non AAA title. http://www.pcgames.de/Pillars-of-Eternity-PC-256319/Tests/Test-mit-Video-D-und-D-RPG-ohne-D-und-D-1154548/
  5. One of the biggest german PC magazines made a Let's play (PC Games). The guy was 15 hours in the game and was very very positiv. Since it was the chief editor i guess a really good review will hit the stands. Another german preview from yesterday: http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/pillars-of-eternity/news/pillars_of_eternity,48834,3084206.html have fun I see high marks comming in
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