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How to determine distance from enemies & spell area for AoE spells

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So far, the game is fantastic, just a couple of nuinances while playing with a Druid on Normal and Expert:


1. Is there a way to view more spell detail other than right clicking on a spell to get a pop up window?


Right now I just right click on a particular spell and this brings a floating window with a lot of great detailed info. The problem is that if you right click on another spell to view its detail, a second window will pop up with the appropriate detail, but the previous one (even though you cannot see it anymore) still lingers. After viewing a few spell details (5 popup windows openned), I have to go back and close each of the windows one by one before I can open a new one (the game even allows you to open the same spell details multiple instances of the same popup windows).


2. Is there a way to determine how far away an enemy is in meters? This also applies to AoE spells, is there a way to visually determine the area/cone that the spell will affect? I suspect this is because I am playing on Expert but I dont want to find out Im wrong by disabling it and not being able to enable it back again.


Thanks for your help, folks!

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This is also something I've been wondering in relation to my ranger's ability (accuracy bonus if more than 4 metres from target), and I'm also contemplating the Marksman talent (which gives bonus vs 'distant' enemies).


I haven't noticed any UI indications of whether these effects apply or not. It would be useful to know.

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