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Edér has become invincible! (high defenses glitch/bug)



So, after completing the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest i went to the Black Hound Inn to rest my characters. After that i, for absolutely no reason, ordered my main character, that has the highest accuracy of my party, attack Edér. After about ten missed attacks i questioned "why the hell i'm missing every attack on this dude?", so, i checked the defenses of Edér and discovered that he has a deflection of 114 :OOO. And not just that, his fortitude, reflexes and will defenses are also on a super high level, even with the "Defender" ability off. Bear in mind that he is only level 4 and that my PC at the same level has half his defenses. I'm pretty sure this is a glitch, and a very annoying one, because now i can simply send Edér against tons of enemies and he will not feel a thing. I have no idea what caused this. Have anyone also experienced this? (sorry for my bad english, i do my best, hahaha)

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I have a similar problem and I guess it comes from the items that give bonuses to defenses. The reason I think that: Eder was wearing a cape that gives +5 to reflex, fortitude and will. At one point he gained +5 to those permanently and the item can give +5 it on top of it. When i calculate what he has to have as defenses i can see that these +5s are extra. Aloth was wearing +5 reflexes gloves and he too gained +5 permanent reflexes at one point and the glove can give +5 on top of his already higher than normal reflex.  I will upload 3 save games at different timepoints in game. In one of them my main and Aloth are normal, Eder not in party yet but he is normal as he joins. In second save Aloth has the extra 5 reflex and Eder is normal. In third timepoint Eder and Aloth both have extra defenses. My main seems to be unaffected by the problem. The problem EddyCosta has can be the same but because he played more this problem has applied to him more.


In addition, maybe it is a part of game, my main characters unarmed damage score looks higher than normal. More than Eder or calista when she was alive, even though they have/had higher might. This is true for a newly started game as well. Is this a feature or something else?


I hope the files will help, thank you,





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