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Huge lag problem please help!



So I started up the game with happiness in mind and ran into a snag in character creation. It took 20 seconds to load the portrait. It wasn't just one portrait, cycling through ANY portrait was met with a 20 second lag between every click. Eventually I picked a picture and figured it'd be no problem once character creation was done except this problem followed me into the game. Dialogue takes about 3-5 seconds to start in every little thing, every little input, character select, even movement is met with awkward pauses and dialogue confirmation seconds later and opening up the inventory takes 20+ SECONDS TO LOAD! Someone help! I'm dying here, my excitement for the game has suffered in the last 4 hours.

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I'm running in to the exact same issue described above. 

3-5 second dialogue delays

Extended portrait load times


One thing I noticed is, when I equip something to my character, or switch to him in the party screen, there is a 3-5 second delay, but when doing so with other party members does not have the same effect. Seems like so issue with rendering/modifying various things about the main character causes the delay. That being said, I have no idea what is causing the issues with delay voice overs.

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I have the exact same issue, and it seems there's a thread in the backer beta section related to the same problem. Not worth fixing before release? Say it ain't so!

Jesus christ, I hope there's enough of us for them to do something about it, because it's absolutely destroying the game for me.

I could deal with an audio delay on conversations (though it's horrendously annoying), but the constant 3-5-10-20 second lags are keyboard-smashing

The specs on my machine more than meet minimum requirements, and there's nothing silly about it that makes me think I'm the one with a problem, though I'd be happy to be proved wrong ('cause then I can just fix it and not GO INSANE waiting for a patch).


Want dxdiag? Anything? I'll send you gold bullion, just help us

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Hey guys and girls.


Yes I had the same problem except with me it was only voice delay such as in dioluge and selection and such, even spell casting and the huge delay opening inventory and level up screen.


Thing is though when I encounterd it I then Alt Tab to look up if its a problem and if so the cause and solution but then though and behold I tab back into the game and the issues no longer where a gone?


So I don't know if that is a real solution but its worth a shot to tab out and in againt (the game I mean) to test it to see if it stops the issues from happening.

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