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Pillars of Eternity Support FAQ

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Darren Monahan

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Hi everyone, now that the game has been released, please view this thread before posting on the forums or contacting support about a problem you may be
happening. Thank you, everyone!

Current Patch Notes: https://forums.obsid...atch-notes-105/
Upcoming Patch Notes: https://forums.obsid...06-in-progress/

  • Manual Errata: You can view manual errata here: http://eternity.obsi...t/manual/errata
  • Manuals Available in Other Languages?: Currently, we do not have access to manuals in other languages as they have been translated by retailers directly, but we are looking into this.
  • Patches Still Coming? Yes, we're currently working on patch 1.04, which we hope to release during the week of April 13. We are actively monitoring the Technical Support forum and pulling issues out into our internal bug database. We do have a beta patch available for the adventurous: http://forums.obsidi...lable-on-steam/
  • Save Game Location: Where are my save games? http://forums.obsidi...-of-save-games/


  • Crashing exiting Raedric's Hold: We've fixed this in patch 1.03.




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