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are savedgames corrupted with updates?

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I'd like to ask you if, when you updated PoE in the different betas, you could load your saved games. Or if you know if savedgames will be loadable no matter the PoE version. I think I'll play slowly and my campaign will last one month at least. It would be terrible to see my saved games corrupted after downloading a new update.

Thanks in advance.

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Unless they mess it up and released a bugged version that wipes save files, then your saves will stay in the actual game. Not making saves compatible in a game this big would be pretty silly :p


Best idea if you're worried would to be to turn off automatic Steam updates and wait an hour, by then there will be info out if the update breaks save files, but I would say this is like 0.1% chance of happening

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Beta updates are different from post-release patches. Best thing is to go by each patch and not update if devs say it breaks saves. On GOG you have no problem, on Steam you can turn auto-update off for the game. 

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