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How to download Champion\Royal edition stuff?

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Ok so we know when i can download....but what about how??? On the steam games library?  ^___^


You will find them mentioned as additional content section of the game, which you can find just below achievements, when game is released



EDIT: Although to actually access them you most likely (as steam don't seem to give direct links that open them from the steam app itself) need to go game's local files, which you can do for example by clicking game's name with right mouse button (or left if you have reversed their order for left handed use) and selecting "Properties" from pop-up menu. In properties there are "Local Files" tab where you can find "Browse local files..." -button. Which opens file folder where game is installed and there you can find folder where that extra content is put (probably named something like "Sound Track", "Extra", or "Extra Content", but usually at least it is named so that it is quite clear that it is the folder for the extra/supplement content)



In My opinion GOG handles this extra/supplement content much more clearer way than what steam does.

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