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Hi guys,


There has been lots of talk about the merits and demerits of individual classes, but I was wondering, are there any classes that work particularly well as a team?


For example, a rogue gets a critical if he hits someone with a status effect right? I imagine this must make him a good team player. Like a fighter knocks the enemy down and the rogue stabs him. 


Any good combinations?

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It's just a case of putting the right debuff classes next to the right classes that benefit from the debuffs.



Ain't really even a question of class so much is at its about talents and abilities within the builds.  Putting deflect debuffs next to a Dexterity attacking build etc etc.  The class choice isn't the major thing, the build choice is the major thing, so we'll have to see what the full talent tree looks like post day 0 patch balancing before you can say "this works super well with that."

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I like to have a fighter knock someone prone then a Rogue or two Sneak Attack blast them with guns. Quick way to take a high value target out of the fight quickly, switch to melee then on from there. Can really turn what would have been a drawn out fight into a bloody slaughter.


Similarly, I will use Slicken (Wizard Lvl 1) or Repulsing Seal (Priest Lvl 2) to knock everybody over and have the rogues et al mop up the mess.

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