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Custom Portraits *for NPCs*

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Does anybody know - is it possible to swap in custom art for the rest of the party, not just your main character?


I can't stand the fact that Calisca faces 90° to the side when every other portrait ever is a 3/4 or straight ahead view.


I found a painting of a similar-looking woman and I want to substitute it in.




It would also be nice just to have the option for other NPCs in case I would prefer different portraits for them as well.  (Not that the art in the game is bad or anything; most of it looks great.)


Please let me know if this is possible.  Thanks.

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There are two 'alternate' portraits based on the Calisca one available in character creation. So not all the other portraits. Actually, Calisca's used to be available for the player, too, but that was taken out in the last Backer Beta. In one of the very first gameplay videos, I believe it was mentioned that her portrait was a temporary one. Well, temporary solutions tend to last the longest, so I guess she owns that portrait now. Might be a little sad - one of my character concepts would've worked with that portrait, but it'll work with others, too, no biggie.


It's probably / most assuredly possible to mod this change. Can't say how tricky, though. Might be as easy as naming the file correctly and dropping it in the right place. Or it might need some digging through game files and changing some stuff.


About Calisca, though - (Oh, Non-Spoiler forum! It's fairly well 'known' information, but if you avoided all spoilers in the past, I don't want to be the one to ruin it for you.)



She's a temporary party member, and not one of the 8 Companions. Won't be in your party much past the prologue.


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We should still be able to drop alternate portraits in an override folder a la BG - can't see why not


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