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Overall suggestions for priest?

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Int and Might are key stats for the priest. Int to increase AoE size and duration, might to increase healing and damage. The other stats have varying value, but don't feel like you're required to min-max in order to play effectively. 


Priests make terrible melee units due to average deflection and low health and endurance. 


I find a lot of success playing a priest of Magran with their specific talent "Intense Flames", which grants them a significant accuracy bonus with arquebus and sword. I use my priest to throw down a blessing, fire a shot, and then I can cast another spell instantly in the middle of reloading if needed. In the switch slot, I'll give them the sword and a large shield if I need extra defense or just the sword by itself or dual wielded if I need additional melee DPS for anything.


I haven't done much else with the priest. I've never been a fan of caster classes, so I just picked a build that I found easy and effective.

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Id max Might and split between Con and Resolve(concentrate bonus needed for casting) so my priest stays alive if things go bad.

Sacrificing aoe range  for durability is imho a worthy trade on Hard difficulty and up.

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I think it depends on what kind of priest you want to make.


For instance, if you wanted to make a cleric/rogue kind of priest, you could worship Skaen and get http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Prey_on_the_Weak


I bet combining that with Interdiction (AoE priest daze), weapon focus stiletto, and two weapon fighting would be insanely fun.  Your evil priest would always be right in the middle of melee for quick spell (supporting the tanks) action and sneak attacks (dps).

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