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Game looks better now?

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So just over the course of a week it seems, the game looks like it has graphically improved. I have been watching the latest beta build videos and I mean they looked great in those videos, but now, I have been watching just a tiny bit of anthony's stream from earlier and the game looks 10x better!!!
Plus to add on top of that, the recent screen shots of the hotel look amazing! Have they done something in just the past week to make this game more stunning?

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There are differences to areas depending on when they were built, done of the older areas had improvements but there will be a variation throughout the game, also new area always look nicer as we haven't been looking at them for months.

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^ I think Obsidian mentioned how they got better at doing the areas as the development progressed, and they apparently made a second pass at some of the early areas to add polish.  Not know what order areas were done in, it's logical to assume that the difference in quality can have something to do the the aforementioned.  


Also, in general, I think textures have been upgraded, lighting has had a couple of passes (the day night cycle was a big change in the backer beta).  I think that layer of polish makes a huge difference in the end results; especially lighting.

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