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That combat soundtrack!

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I'm playing some stream without seeing anything to avoid spoilers, but i'm just listening the audio.


Damn, Justin did a great work, all the combat tracks i've listened so far are really EPIC!!!!

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Yup, the music is epic! I was playing some Skylines, just listening to the music on some stream as i built my city lol. I could always tell when the streamer was fighting with that music :bow:

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Because of you, I started to listen (not watch to try not spoil the game myself) many of streams. After 30min I heard only one good track from battle (because this one is almost rip-off from BG2- City Battle I) and whole rest, especially wilderness and village themes are bland as hell.



Almost like this: 



Just kidding, this one actually has some melody unlike Bell's works.

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"Combat E" and "Combat D" are the best combat tracks, could listen to them forever.


Others are good too but Combat "C" suffers by having a strong intro that is not viable for a 5\6 times loop repetition while in combat and can be really annoying cause of that (in a old thread a user complained about that track and i'm pretty sure this was the issue, not the track itself).


I edited the Combat C track by erasing the intro and by putting a fade in at start, so that repetitions feel smoother; unfortunately i've got no audio\editing knowledge to do better.


The way how "Combat D" repeats is absolutely perfect, imho.

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