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Please explain the differences between Almanac, Guidebook vol 1 & Collectors Game Guide

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Really confusing guys, the price points, the content in each, etc it's really not explained very well what's in what, even for digital versions. I own a chunk of the digital versions in my backer tier, but I'm still unsure if I need to purchase the 512 page hardcover book or can use the digital guide, and don't want to buy the hardcover just to read every backers name in it, although I do appreciate everyone, I already will see your names in the credits. I know there was an official post a lil while ago and things look nice, but it's still kinda confusing what each one does. 

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There should not be any difference in content between the Digital and Dead Tree versions. Following tier prices are for Kickstarter Backers - I believe 'slacker backers' have a slightly different tier system. Check your pledges in the Pledge Manager on the Backer Portal to see what you're already getting.

  • Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume one, (112 pages, published by Dark Horse) is the "Collector's Book" from the Kickstarter, and is included (in digital form) for backers of the $35 and up tiers. For the current digital pre-orders, it's only included in the Royal Edition. This will contain lore and art. Backers who pledged $250 or up will get a physical edition with their game box, others will have to buy this elsewhere if they're interested - Amazon.com lists this around $16, The Book Depository asks around $23.
  • Pillars of Eternity: Prima Official Game Guide (or Pillars of Eternity Collector's Edition Guide) (512 pages, published by Prima) is the Strategy Guide included digitally in the $80 and up Kickstarter tiers. Also included in the Royal Edition pre-order as a download. In the Backer Portal, this can be an add-on for $7. Physical versions are not included in any tiers - Amazon.com asks around $28, and the Book Depository beats them at $26½.
  • Campaign Almanac, (35 pages, no separate publisher) Included in Kickstarter tiers of $50 and up. For the current pre-orders, it's included in both the Champion and Royal edition. The Almanac is an "in-character" description of the world and lore, and looks like a lot of fun. Only exists in digital form. Available as an add-on in the Backer Portal for $15.
  • Digital Novella by Chris Avellone, (?? pages, ?publisher?) Included in Kickstarter tiers of $50 and up. For the current pre-orders, only in the Royal Edition. No known plans for a physical version. There's an Audio Book version, though - included in $165 and up tiers, or available as an add-on for $20.
Some of the price points may be a little weird. $15 for 35 pages, or $7 for 512!? The Collector's Book (the 112 p. one) is included in lower Kickstarter tiers than the Almanac (35 p.), but the Almanac appears in the Champion Edition, while the Collector's Book does not. I suspect most of these are artifacts from the Kickstarter tier prices, before they really nailed down what would contain what. Edited by Ark Evensong
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Thanks Ark Evensong!  Didn't realize Pillars of Eternity Guidebook: Volume one was the same as the Full Color Printed Hardcover Project Eternity Collector’s Book, would have been disappointing when I had 2 copies of the same book arrive lol.  Could not resist the hardcover guide though even though the digital version is already included.

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