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[480] Level up blinking in combat mode



(linux, BBv480)


When a party member has enough experience to level up, the cross/plus icon appears on top of the portrait. In combat mode, this icon isn't present most of the time, but time to time blinks back to it's initial position.



[How to reproduce]

For example:
1. Start the game with a new character, don't level up, so the this element is visible over the portrait.
2. Start the combat, execute some action, such as an attack, and observe the blinking.


Or if you manage to earn enough experience for the next level for the whole party, the party roster will blink like a christmas tree in the subsequent fight.



[Expected behavior]
The game should either show the level up cross all the time. We aren't allowed to level up in combat and the combat log informs about this. So this probably wouldn't bring much issues. Or make the icon fully disappear in the combat mode, without blinking.



As it is now, I'm not sure, but I think it's connected to the unit's action. When moving or idle, the cross is visible. It's not shown during recovery or action time. But it very briefly reappears (blinks) on the switch between the states recovery <-> action.


Just in case the blinking is going to stay in game, I would like to ask to make it synchronized with the combat music;)

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