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Time sensitive quests?

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From what I've seen, most events at the Stronghold, including fights, only have a limited time for you to deal with.


But proper quests? I doubt it. Pretty sure there aren't any in the Backer Beta, even if for some situations it would make sense.

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I think it worked really well for Fallout 1, but that was a game that the player was always aware of the clock because every action in the game had to be gauged against it.


Now, I think you could make it work in PoE, but only if you tell the player and only if the clock starts when the player initiates the quest. If someone says "Help! Come right away! My little girl is trapped by a bear!" or "Our city is under attack!" or "I have a week to gather the gold, or they're going to kill my wife!" then, yes, if you go off for a month, all of these quests should be failed. That would be a completely acceptable use of the mechanic.


The only people who know how the game actually is aren't talking though, so we'll have to wait another 11 days.

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