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[480] Unintentional assignment of Hotkeys to abilities



If there are customized key bindings using Shift or Ctrl modifiers it may happen that an ability gets assigned to a hotkey unintentionally.



1) Customize key bindings and define CTRL-N for "Next Character"

2) Hover the cursor over an ability

3) Switch to the next character using the key CTRL-N



The ability is assigned to the Hotkey "LeftCtrl "



The character shall be switched to the next character without assigning an ability to a hotkey.



I would suggest to make the hotkey assignment more explicit using an explicit key to initiate Assignment-Mode. While in Assignment-Mode the UI shall indicate it clearly and allow to switch characters and assign hotkeys to abilities. Use the same explicit key to leave the Assignment-Mode

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Just in case in wasn't already considered - the player can also bind the Alt key as a hotkey. So when it happens by pressing Alt the game will assume we are using the ability and also switches to/out scounting mode at the same time. 

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