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Are there quest items you can find before you are given the quest?

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I can't think of a specific example off hand, but sometimes in games you may find Tommy's hammer or Billy's teddy bear as you're exploring and you don't know what it's for but you hold on to it. Later on you come upon Billy's mom who says her son is missing and through the narrative you realized, oh hey, I found Billy's Teddybear, news looks grim maybe Billy died, but you give back the item and complete the quest.

Actually in another way I think it was in the BG and IWD games you could find components for weapon upgrades you can bring to the blacksmith to make newer improved weapons like the ice weapons in IWD. Will there be stuff like this in the game, or were thing's like the first example considered a bug?

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i dont think its a bug or a bad thing in any way to find a quest related item before getting the quest. it would be far worse if you had cleared a cave of it's monsters, then learn that a guy went to that cave and go back to find him killed by the monsters you had already killed. if you have killed the monsterss before he went there, how did the monsters kill him? so finding his dead body in the cave even if you dont have the quest makes more sense. if you have to get an item of his back, it can be flagged as quest item so you wont sell it

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I kind of like the "this is obviously a unique item of some significance" design. Instead of the "HEY! QUEST ITEM HERE!" design that prevents you from ever dropping the item or getting rid of it. Heck maybe it's even worth money or something, or just of some value to someone. Maybe you find some old gilded clock, and you can pawn it off or something. But, maybe it's got some initials on it or something, so you know it's probably not just some random clock/treasure. If you're curious, you can hang onto it (especially with an infinite stash). If not, you can sell it, etc.


I'd prefer for there not to just be entire "quests" that consist of "Hey, if you find that item, give it to me. Or don't, and fail the quest."

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Should we not start with some Ipelagos, or at least some Greater Ipelagos, before tackling a named Arch Ipelago? 6_u

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