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There is one hotkey you need for stuff like potions and skills. The spacebar. You can't (AFAIK) bind skills and potions to hotkeys. You have them on quickbars, where you can access them. It's like in the old IE games. Your normal quick keys, 1-9 are mostly used up for quick character selection. In the BB options->controls there is an ability section in the bottom of the screen, but sofar it's empty. 

The thing is, that hotkeys wouldn't be very useful in any case. The combat is constructed around pausing, where you have all the time in the world to assign commands to your party.  

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1-6 on your keyboard will select a the character based on it's icons placement in the lower left part of the screen. 1 will select the one furthest to the left and so on. You can ctrl bind keys 7-0 with the characters you desire. 

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You can hotkey spells and abilities. I've never tried it myself and I'm not sure how to go about it but Josh mentions it at 30:45 here:

(Oh and you can select all your characters with backspace.)


EDIT: Turns out it's just a matter of hovering your mouse over the ability and hitting whatever unassigned button you want to be the hotkey.

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