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USB Type-C


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The author has an unruly drawer full of cables. My unruly drawer is an old box from a keyboard/mouse combo ... every cable from 1999 is probably in there. I heard a scuffle once, I think an IDE cable went fisticuffs with a FireWire.


Type-C sounds cool, a little too close to Hep C, and I'll miss the sexy initials of HDMI, but, whatevs delivs the powah.   

All Stop. On Screen.

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I don't get the hype. So it's a god port. That still wont change anything. At best, it's 1 plug instead of 4. It's (1) still a plug, and (2) still not so ubiquitous that I can get rid of all of my other cables. So now, I'll just have to have a type-C cable, in addition to my VGA,DVI,USB,Audio, and whatever else it covers.


Maybe in a few years.

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