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Will the original windows surface pro (1) be able to run this game? from what I've seen it should meet minimum specs. Run well is different from running at all I understand, but I'm hoping it'll be able to run it on the SP1 over work lunch hour while away from the main rig.

I've seen lots of inquiries about the more powerful SP2 and SP3, but I'm on a budget and unable to upgrade. Pre-ordered this on steam and want to know if money would be better spent elsewhere.


Thank you for your help, incredibly excited for this game, would be crushed if I couldn't run it (unable to play at lot on the homestead, too much to do ). If I'm repeating an old post I apologize.

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According to the Paradox website (Obsidian's publishing partners for Pillars of Eternity) the following are the minimum requirements for the game:



Operating system: Windows XP or greater, Video Card: Model Shader 3 Compatible Video Card, 512 MB or better, Processor: 2.6 GHz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor, RAM: 4GB RAM, Hard Drive: 25 GB Hard Drive Space  


You can find the requirements on the bottom of this page. If the surface pro meets these requirements for the game, I see no reason why you should not be able to play the game. That said, to my knowledge, the game is not designed for touch gameplay. You will need a mouse and keyboard. If the Surface Pro does not support mouse functionally I doubt you will be able to play the game. Hope this helps. Good luck.  

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I ran backer beta 392 on my Surface Pro 3 and it was a choppy experience at best. Because the scroll speed is tied to framerate, the game was sluggish and pretty much unplayable.


It's weird because much more demanding games like Diablo 3 actually run pretty well on the machine, so it must be an optimisation issue.

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