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Hey all,


I spotted and watched this new vid which I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHsYvnGVVkE


While showing (mostly) familiar stuff I thought it was a nice video because the previewer seemed genuinely enthusiastic about this type of game. Also near the end it features what seems like a (mini-)boss fight which he did a pretty decent job at.


Last but not least, he promises to do another video soon where he can give away 5 keys to the game to people who have commented in this one, so I thought I'd share this with you... even though that will mean a smaller chance for me to win :p

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Eh it is an okay vid but they are just playing the backer beta.  Been there done that.  Isn't bad for those who want a quick overview of the closest final gameplay we have access to at the moment.

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Kind of grating how he keeps pronouncing "dyr" as "drai" (or "dry" for you anglos). Maybe I should get into the backer beta and make videos pronouncing dyrford as dyrefjord and dyrwood as dyreskogen ;D


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