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Random feedback/suggestions on classes and character building

Odd Hermit

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I'm just gonna toss a bunch of reactions and ideas out here. I'm fully aware that it's probably not going to go anywhere but just for my own entertainment and hopefully yours I'd like to just put my 2 cents in on some things.




Druids seem to be the most powerful caster to me. Their support options are reasonably strong while their crowd control and nuking is top tier while they're also more durable and versatile than mages. Their animal shapeshifts are both ugly and useless though, and feel disconnected from the rest of the class - very little synergy. I would like to see better shapeshift options, that tie in with the rest of the class better.



Chanters seem like a great passive class and worthy of a spot in any party. However, there's something missing. In one of the updates it was mentioned that Chanters have minor skills at more traditional soul-based magic or something like that. Class talent(s) to gain low level, opener per-encounter spells that don't require chants would flesh them out a bit and make taking a more active route(my preference/bias) possible. Having something to do other than just auto-attack while building phrases to eventually maybe use an invocation or two would be nice.



Wizards have a few powerful spells here and there that're nice to have, but outside of those the class is lackluster. As a pure ranged nuker/CCer they're a bit outclassed by druid which has more healing/support options too, and muscle wizard isn't really working well either.


I think wizards should have their spells divided into three different types, with players being able to focus more/less in each type.


First, there'd be your Grimoire spells. These are your big guns, too complex to fire off without assistance from your book. These would be per-rest, with a few becoming per encounter at higher levels. Second, would be the faster, weaker spells to use in a pinch, to deal with lesser threats, or to set yourself up to get more from the Grimoire spells. These would be per encounter. Name these what you like, cantrips or whatever. Then there'd be passive / modal spells or perhaps "enchantments" or something. These would focus your wizard more offensively, defensively, and potentially toward a more caster or more "gish" playstyle.


I have a bias for wizards though so maybe this is a bit much...




Perhaps Ciphers are meant to be the Gish class. They're a bit weird and I dislike the soul whip mechanic and the back-and-forth nature of the class (using weapons to build focus to use their spell-ish abilities)however. I don't think they're a bad class though, just not my cup of tea feel-wise.




The accuracy party buff is nice, and they make a decent tank. But very boring. They just don't have enough to do right now, at least for early-mid levels. I'm reserving too much judgement though as I've read there's more coming depending on the order you choose?




I quite like Monk, as a more active/interesting front-line/tankish character. They're a little too fast paced at times as you need to constantly get rid of wounds - it's a weird pace that's more reactive than strategic at times, although I see there is an option to build damage by not using wounds which I haven't tried yet. Overall though I'm glad they tried something new here.




I mainly used rogue as ranged damage because reckless assault pretty much makes me not what to be in melee with them. It's a big offense buff for a big defensive de-buff, and of course plinking away from range just tends to reduce the downside. The damage is pretty good but I'm not sure I'd ever want one over caster. I enjoy rogues thematically but they don't feel slippery enough or stealthy enough in PoE, you've got a few okay escape/flanking options but they're very limited uses and not so powerful it makes up for that.


They do have a barbarian-esque ability to pass through engagement, but I find just shooting the mage or whatever you might rush a barb or rogue at works well enough with much lower risk.



Priests are pretty priesty, and not all-out juggernaut melee characters with casting as they could be in some DnD based games, which is a nice change. They're versatile enough though without much offensive power. I currently miss more God-specific stuff though, or something like "domain" options. Maybe like with the Paladin that will come soon.




They're still not amazingly interesting, but definitely better than in IE games. They get their job done well enough and for those who don't want to micromanage a monk they're probably the best front-line melee fighter/tank. Which is appropriate.




These I'm just tossing at the bottom to simply say they don't do their job and have no place in my party currently. They definitely need some funk rubbed on them. Barbarian is too fragile, Ranger is just not doing good enough damage and doesn't really do anything else well enough to justify taking over a rogue with a bow.


On character building in general

I feel class-specific talents are more/less mandatory for different classes. The druid, for example, has shapeshifting ones that are obvious passes at the moment. Whereas other classes almost feel incomplete without taking certain key class-specific talents. Which of course somewhat robs them of the more general all-class options.


I also feel like attributes might need to have some fine-tuning for each class rather than providing the same benefits across all classes. Some stats are just going to end up dump or pump otherwise, which seems to be somewhat against JE's goal for all attributes to be valuable for all classes and more of a playstyle thing.


Last but not least, I feel like more leeway with out-of-combat preparation and "opening" engagements, and perhaps some escape/reset options that actually work, would be nice. I like having some serious pre-fight preparations and I think the game can and should reward them a little better. Of course, I also don't want to spend 5+ minutes casting buffs in order of their durations before a fight, but I think there's a happy medium to be found. Many abilities/spells/etc. are simply "combat only" which is so far mostly just irritating.


Especially considering the game has a stealth / scouting mechanic and high difficulty settings. Having some room to work is important, fights don't need to be to-the-death arena style in this kind of game. I want to be able to GTFO back to town. Make escape difficult, sure, but it should still be an option and a successful escape can be as satisfying as victory in some cases.

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Druid is the best class in the game at the moment, and according to the PAX stream, I think they fixed their Shapeshift - it now looks like it's useful.

Every party should have a chanter.

Wizards are useful, but in this game they are just pure AoE damage dealers, which is disappointing. I think the majority agrees that the wizard design doesn't feel as good as it could have been. 

You're right about the Cipher, they've been nerfed too much because they were the best class to begin with.

Paladins have also been nerfed too much I think, they used to be really good.

Monks are OP atm.

Rogues are actually really good, especially as melee dual wielders, but they've been nerfed in the upcoming patch.

Priests are about right for me but yes - they are lacking domain based casting. I agree 100% there. I would like to see deity based spells in the expansion.

Fighters are alright.


And yeah I agree that Barbarians and Rangers are a bit lack luster. I think both classes will be a bit more useful in the upcoming patch. For Barbarians you really need to focus on dual-wielding, to get the most carnage hits.



Most of the imbalance can be tweaked, but the core issues with classes won't be addressed until the expansion.

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I expect a druid, chanter, and monk nerf before launch.  I hope they add a little something to paladin to spice them up a bit.  Ranger wise I expect a buff of some kind.  Cipher is fine, it is still very strong it just isn't horribly OP and able to solo the game with ease :p.

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Barbarians are pretty good if you play them nothing like their underlying concept. Use them as an off-rogue, running in behind groups when they're all already engaged by the rest of your frontline and you can tear them apart with carnage attacks - high DEX, MIG, INT. I couldn't find a way to build a good classical 'fight everyone in melee when they're looking at you' one though.

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