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I have to say I am quite excited to play this game for a ton of reasons, but one of them has to be that the conversation system will not include a ton of voice acting and most importantly will not be cinematic like so many games are today.


Ever since kotor (maybe sooner) companies like bioware have been attempting to make their conversation systems more cinematic and include "digital acting" from npc's (Obsidian is no exception to this either). I have to say that after having recently played a little BG:EE it was refreshing to not have to deal with the cinematics.


I just finished playing SW:TOR for about 2 months (I just love star wars) and I just could not stand the dialog/conversation system. Part of it is because of the dialog wheel and voiced PC, but also the fact that when you initiate a conversation with someone you leave the main UI and transition to the cinematic system. Even DA:O has a pretty cinematic conversation system, just minus the dialog wheel and voiced PC (which is admittedly a massive change by itself). I am playing DA:O again and the cinematic conversations is making it difficult for me to truly get into the game (I have played and beaten it before).


I just want to say I am very happy that Obsidian is sticking with the IE system of staying within the main UI/HUD and just having the text box/dialog box come up and we get to simply READ everything instead of having everything spoken to us and acted out by digital characters.


Hopefully this occurs more often as I simply cannot understand why it would be desirable for anyone to want to leave the primary UI and watch digital characters act out a scene whenever you want to have a conversation. 

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Agreed with the sentiment. Although I fail to see what real choice Obs had in this regard. Meddling with classic IE dialog presenting system would be PoE's instadeath in the eyes of pretty much all backers. Heavens know Obs've made enough changes in classic scheme as it is to make people worry.

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