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Congrats on the history of PoE

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I've been reading on the gamepedia the "ingame" books of the history of Aedyr Empire, The Dyrwood, and the chronology and l lile a lot the setting. I hope PoE success and we can play more games in the future in this setting.


I reccommend the gamepedia books for those who are waiting eagerly the PoE release.



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Yes, that's really good source of pre-game lore for people interested in setting. I think Obsidian wants to have next games in Eastern Reach's another countries like Vailian Republics, Readceras or White March (three or two game parts, but I think PoE could be trilogy, it is popular today or saga like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale). We don't know where the expansion takes us, but I think it will be something like Mask of Betrayer 'continuing' story from basic game. Come back to the lore again: I loved reading about factions and wars mostly. Really intriguing events, that show clearly sides of conflict and its results. Can't wait for hearing about them in the game and meeting all those factions.

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U know it just hit me but theres a way for obsidian to get some nice exposure and reach more people. I was thinking if they put up an app on android and iphones that was free andu could read the books they have written. I know someone did that on android for the books that were in all the elder scrolls (which quite a few of them are very good) and could draw in a crowd that it seems they are focused on.


But to the OP, yes i love reading the books they have available so far and they are very well done. They make me more excited about the game :)

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