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concerning guns and recovery time

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why do we not reload till after recovery time?

I can understand if this is a balance issue by the devs, but it seems a bit much. The BB rogue gets off several shots before I get a chance to fire my second shot.

I'd love to be able to fire a bit faster (and I do know there is a perk to cut the time). If I'm the rogue, or ranger, my damage seems to be underwhelming to the point the firearms being useless.

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My experience is the exact opposite. Sure, the rogue gets lots of shots off with her hunting bow but they're all graze for 0.5 damage. Whereas when you get a shot off with the blunderbuss, it's murderous. Firearms and the arbalest dominate to the point of making bows almost useless except against the squishiest of enemies. If they were as fast as bows, there would be no point using anything else at all; you could just mow down anything with a couple of concerted volleys.

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OE actually stuck with reality with those guns.  Wheellock guns where slow to load.  Long bows where fast to shoot and in the hands of an expert could be deadly.  Crossbows where more deadly but slower to reload.  Guns of the period when they worked where great but didn't have the range or speed of bows.    


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I was extremely worried when they said they were putting guns in the game, but now that I've seen it I really like their implementation. Considering how powerful they are, their long reload time is really well balanced IMO. At least one party member always has a gun because of they can really turn the tide of a fight in a pinch.

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