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And the award for Best Youtube Video of 2014 goes to....


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Perhaps people can suggest nominees and we can take a vote.


But I'm still convinced any video with over-exaggerated animations and a song that encourages people to twerk for Jesus is just a downright unbeatable combination.



This could be runner-up though:


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"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



Is your mom hot? It may explain why guys were following her ?

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My god.... all three of those videos are bad. Best? How about near worst.

2014 was a little lacking in amazing videos. At least in the creative and entertainment department. I could link some good informational videos, as well as some good music videos, but there's no Psy, Numa Numa, or Leeroy this year.


That said, you can always count on Schmoyoho for some good stuff:




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