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[364] Wizard Grimoire UI errors



Some small issues with the Grimoire UI.


-Open the Grimoire and scroll to a spell level that has all 4 slots filled

-Observe the spells not learned on the left page are correctly greyed out as there is no space for them.

-Left click on a learned spell slot on the right page to free a slot

-Observe the spells not learned on the left page are still greyed out and left clicking on them does nothing.

-Scroll to a different spell level and then back, and the spells now display correctly


Note that if the spell slot is freed by left clicking on the learned spell on the left page instead it works as expected.


Also it seems to be possible for the same spell to end up in more than one slot if you have an empty slot in your grimoire when leveling up. I think there is some kind of logical error in the way it checks if you have a spell already learned when populating new slots.


-Open Grimoire and go to a spell level.

-Learn the first 1,2 or 3 spells in the exact order they appear in the left page, leaving at least one slot free

-Level up the wizard.

-Observe the free spell slot(s) is populated with a spell already learned


Also this is not really a bug but something I noticed when picking up a dropped Grimoire, there seems to be no way to open the spell info window for spells you haven't learned yet. This would be desirable before choosing to spend the gold on a new spell. My suggestion would be to make it so that right clicking a spell in the right grimoire page shows the spell info window as it does for the left page. Then make it so the option to learn the spell appears as a button on the bottom of this window if available, in the same style that the "Enchant" and "Compare" options appear in the item info window.


One last point. The wizard NPC who drops a grimoire in the Dryford crossing has the spell Chill Fog in a second level spell slot. It's actually a first level spell!  :blush:




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