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Installing Kotor 2 on Windows 8.

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Hello. First off, I am attempting to run Kotor 2 on a brand new Toshiba Satellite with AMD processor and Windows 8. The game itself works fine, as I installed it a week ago on another laptop with no issues (except the usual issues with Kotor 2). When I try to install Kotor 2 on the new laptop, however, I don't even get through the first disc without an error popping up with a message saying:


Feature: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords_Files

Component: DefaultComponent

File: D:\data2.cab

Error: Incorrect Function


Now I know a similar error which reads as cyclic redundancy check means that the disc is corrupted, but as I said, this worked a week ago on a separate computer. Can someone figure out exactly what is going on with this error? Is it an issue of disc integrity or is this a common problem with Windows 8? Also, are there any special considerations that must be taken to install Kotor 2 (or K1 for that matter) on Windows 8 machines? Thank you.

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Count yourself lucky--I can't get the newly reinstalled game to run at all on my Win 7 machine.  It ran perfectly fine on WinXP.  I've played it through several times and wanted to run through the restored content at least once, but I can't even get the vanilla game to run; it crashes right after character creation when the first video tries to play.  The only thing I haven't tried is disabling CPU cores ... after spending several days hassling with this thing, it's probably more trouble than it's worth at this point.

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Hmm, It's probably time I gave the game a shot anyway. I've finished Kotor2 on Windows 7, so I know that works (at least, the steam version does). And that was with the restored content mod too. Since I also have a laptop with Windows 8.1 in addition to that now, I might just see if I can get it (steam version) installed and running there too.


IIrc, the only issue I had in windows 7 was the weird speed of the controls thing, which disabling/enabling (dont remember which) vsync fixed for some reason.

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I had the old install disc version running on Win7. I wonder if it would run (spec wise, outside of Win8) on my cheap Win8 laptop. I should try it. :lol:


That's one thing about Steam and old games/why I don't often buy such on Steam ... I'm not always certain they'll run on newer O/S. Good to know Kotor2 does.

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