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Will there be a new Dungeon Siege?


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I feel DS3 ruined a very good franchise and the game needs redemption.

I know DS2 and DS1 were not made by Obsidian but they are a lot better and DS2 was a very good game one with huge longevity I still play it on my crappy lap top when I am travelling and my PC is far from me. It is a good game I enjoy it, but it is old now.

The DS franchise needs a new title and DS3 made everyone (for good reason) paranoid about making a DS game. Because it was a disaster. Square Enix and Obsidian together can't make a game that is half as good as a 9 year old RPG. DS3 lacks story, diversity in skills, items, characters, followers. Hell, you cant even amass a normal party there. You can't create your own character, there is no skill tree as epic as DS2's was. Yeah people are kinda on the no more boring passive talents page now but there are people who still like those boring numerical increases and I am one of them. I LOVE those damn boring stats and the improved skills and killing normally hard to kill creatures easily with a good party and build. There are no more games like Dungeon Siege 2 nowadays, that kind of RPG is removed now it is all hack n' slash which okay I enjoy some of them but I miss the good old feeling that DS2 gave me. Sure there are games like Diablo in there but that is not the same...they are too different.

I understand it sounds much like a bad investment to anyone creating a new DS after the huge dissappointment that was DS3 but if it would bring back the old model and go back to its roots then it could also be a massive success.

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Shouldn't you be, er, requesting this on the forums of whoever developed DS1+2 then?


The original poster really should talk to the franchise owner - Square-Enix.  They paid good money for it, so I imagine they'll revist the IP someday.

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